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bre_skin's Journal

Bartender. Actor. Headshots available.

Josh Breskin
31 December 1983
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  • bre_skin@livejournal.com
Joshua Breskin
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160

Education: BA in performing arts from NYU
Occupation: Actor, currently bartending to make ends meet.
Hometown: West Hollywood; lives with 3 gay roommates - Ben, Patrick, Andre
Family: Parents Charles and Valerie, live in Malibu; brother David - (dob 10/1/82), attending Columbia University Medical School; sister Hannah - 19 (dob 7/6/87) , going to USC; sister Mallory - (dob 2/12/94).

Personality: Cocky but capable of being charming when it suits him, Joshua has a hard time considering anyone's needs but his own. It makes him a perfect candidate for show business. He wants to be an actor so he can have money and fame, pure and simple. (Once upon a time, there may have been some desire for artistic expression in there somewhere.) His parents are wealthy, but he wants to have his own money so he's not beholden to them in any way. He does love his entire family, but he's closest to his baby sister because she's just as self-centered as he is. They understand one another. He's straight, but he has no qualms about using men to his advantage. He works at a gay bar in West Hollywood when he's not going on auditions.

Josh is a vampire who was turned on his 23rd birthday and is only just "coming out," as it were. He isn't sure how to reconcile his quest for fame with his current situation, but he'll try his damnedest to make it work.


Joshua is an original character created for creative writing purposes. This means he is fictional and the sole property of me, his creator. His vampirism is also going to be dealt with creatively.

This journal is not associated with Johnny Depp in any way. His likeness is being used solely as a visual representation of this character.